As the modern world is always on the go, most people do not have the luxury of time at their disposal to be preparing whole breakfast meals that are considered to be beneficial and a good kick start to your day, so most of this individuals have opted for a quick fix breakfast so as to save some valuable time. But to keep up with this urgency here are some good proven healthy meals to be taken for breakfast:

Simple eggs


One of the easiest and quickest breakfast to prepare is eggs. Eggs are the best source of proteins and proteins are very essential to human as they make up about 45% of the body system, proteins benefits include repairing, regulating and protecting the body system and eggs being an excellent source of this should be a good choice for a quick breakfast meal. Eggs take less than five minutes to prepare depending on one’s preferred taste and liking i.e. eggs can be boiled and sandwiched in a loaf of bread to be taken with tea, you can also fry eggs in a pan with some cooking oil and salt, and the test is yummy.

Bananas for health

If you are on the go but still need that simple quick breakfast that will kick start your day and still watch your health and weight you then should try and take a banana as your morning meal, banana like any other good fruit has good nutritional benefits, a lot of research has proven that bananas provide a good source of energy, and that is what anybody on the go will definitely love, energy to get you through the daily ups and down.

Wholemeal bread

cghvghgvbjhbvjAs someone on the go you may also opt for brown bread with milk as opposed to white bread, the good thing about bread is that you do not need to prepare it as fresh brown bread can be found in almost any supermarket, brown bread is a good source of carbohydrates, but a point to be noted by guys on the go is that most carbohydrates are digested very fast, and you will be feeling hungry in a few hours. Brown bread is rich in fiber and already prepared for you at your nearest supermarket, you can also get some fresh milk to take it with, this form of breakfast can take you less than five minutes, and you are ready for the day ahead.