This is a weight loss procedure, which involves the formation of an individual’s stomach into a tube like a shape hence enabling it to have a small size. The essence of reducing the size of the stomach is to reduce the size of food that the patient can consume. Hence the smaller their stomach is, the less the quantity of food that they will require to consume. By so doing they will be consuming fewer calories, and in the process, one loses weight. As it is with other surgical procedures, the gastric sleeve has its advantages and disadvantages thus one needs to think it through before deciding to go this route.

Advantages of Gastric Sleeve

One gets satisfied with smaller portions of food

Since the primary goal of a gastric sleeve procedure is to reduce the size of the stomach, when the procedure is completely done, and one achieves the desired stomach size, one will be very easily satisfied with the smallest portions of food. This is possible due to two major reasons: one, as the size of the stomach, is reduced, the size of the biochemicals and hormones that trigger one’s hunger are also significantly reduced.


Secondly, there are those people who will feel satisfied with food when they have physically filled their stomachs. Therefore after they have undergone this procedure, their stomach is considerably reduced hence they require less food to fill it.

All the above measures are essential in reducing some calories that one takes, leading to a significant loss of weight. The procedure can be extremely effective if it is combined with a healthy diet and proper physical exercise. When one has the required body weight, they experience an improved level of blood pressure and prevent the occurrence of diseases like fatty liver conditions and diabetes.

Less invasive than other surgeries

The gastric sleeve does not involve the cutting, alteration or disconnection of the small intestines. This is very important as it greatly reduces the possibility of surgical complications occurring. Additionally, since the intestines are not interfered with in any way, the absorption of minerals and vitamins is normal hence one does not need to take any supplements afterward. What this means is that the procedure does not lead one to any dietary restrictions. The patient can eat everything and anything that they used to consume before the procedure.


No risk of dumping syndrome

After you have undergone this procedure, the outlet valve of the stomach remains intact; this is as opposed to other bariatric procedures. There is no risk of development of what is commonly referred to as the dumping syndrome. When one is suffering from this syndrome, the food passes through the stomach without mixing with the gastric or the other stomach juices hence to one experiencing diarrhea, ingestion and stomach pains.

No foreign devices are inserted

When you undergo this procedure, no foreign or artificial devises are left in the body. So there is no worry of getting an infection from anything.…

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