Biking is a popular sport as well as a form of aerobic exercise. Biking is considered to be one of the best ways you can exercise to keep fit and maintain a good health due to the following reasons:

  • Unlike other forms of exercise, biking is less jarring to your spine.
  • Biking is also good for people with certain back conditions. This is because you will be more comfortable leaning forward as you hold the handle bars.
  • If you have a back condition in which you are not comfortable riding in a lining condition, spine bikes may be preferable.

Biking and back pains

Riding bikes that are not spine bikes may cause you to develop back pains because they provide little conditioning to your back muscles. If your posture while riding your bike is not a suitable one, it can lead to the straining of your lower back. This will result in you developing the lumbar spine.

Your positioning, while you are on the bike, can also lead you to develop neck pains. If you position yourself in such a way that your neck is arching back, the muscles of your neck and your upper back will be strained. Riding on rough terrains can also lead to back pains since the jarring and compression will be high on your spine.

Preventing back pains

The first step in ensuring that your back is protected from strains is by choosing the right type of bike. The best type of bikes will be the spine bikes. They are designed to make your back more comfortable by distributing your weight uniformly.
You can also adjust your bike to fit your body. If you feel comfortable leaning forward, then you can adjust your bike so that you lean forward while you ride. You can get assistance from any professional at any bicycle shop.

Proper riding

Ensure that you also distribute your weight properly and shift positions when you are riding. You should keep your chest up so that you can distribute some weight to your arms. This will take away some burden from your spine hence enabling you to feel comfortable. You can thus ride all the way without experiencing any back pain or neck pain.

You can also install shock absorbing accessories on your bike if you intend to ride on a rough terrain. These accessories include seat covers, shock absorbers, and gloves. You can, therefore, keep fit without hurting your back. Visit to learn on you can keep fit and healthy.…

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