Finally you are done with the deed, and now every indication is that you might be pregnant. Now it is high time you start searching for a way to confirm your doubts. The first thing you meet after you start your search is more than a million boxes telling you they are the best for a pregnancy test.

First of all, there isn’t one best pregnancy test out there. What you have is the best option you can choose. The difference is how each one of them takes and gives the test results. While we leave which of the kits is best suited for you needs for another day, let’s address the factors you have to consider in the process of making your choice.

Generic vs. branded kit

hdhdd674For many women, it is only the branded kit they can believe in. To them, it is the most accurate and fast in delivering results. If you belong to this lot, then you will have quite a number of brands to choose from. For the generic kits, you only have to wait longer, at least seven days after missing your period, to confirm whether you are pregnant. The accuracy is as good as the branded types. But with such great news waiting for you, many women cannot wait for a full week to get confirmation.

So you will have to choose between waiting and having your results instantly.

Regular vs. early detection

If you cannot wait to confirm your doubts, then you might be tempted to go for the kits that promise early detection. In fact, many women are carried away by the emotion and cannot even wait any moment longer. While early detection promises to give you instant results, there are some instances you will only get a faint indication. The good thing with regular pregnancy detection kits is that you will get to the bottom of the truth. It is better to wait to fully confirm your pregnancy so holding for a few more days may be worth the trouble.

Digital vs. regular

You will first have to decide whether you prefer “analog”, also known as regular, or you want a digital pregnancy test. The accuracy is all the same, but the difference comes in how you will read the results.

The digital method will spell it out clearly whether you are pregnant or not. For the regular, you will have to read a line, which at times may be very faint. You may have to wait a little bit longer to get clear results from the regular test.

How much do you want to spend?

Early pregnancy detection will cost you a bit more than when you have to wait. Needless to say, the digital test will be more costly than the regular test.

Which test is best for you?

hdhdd74You only have to decide how soon you want to know your status. If you want it now, then the option is all clear for you. If you wish to wait then regular options are best for you.

Here, you will get firsthand insights on what option might be the best for you. It is easy now; getting your pregnancy test fast and safely is just within your grasp.…

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