If you are planning to become a goalkeeper soon, then there is a lot of preparations that you need to do. It is a tough task that calls for alertness to block as many scores attempts by the opponent strikers as possible. Apart from making it possible to be your team’s hero, the appropriate gear will also go a long way to protect you from injuries as you jump, dive and block the quick ball coming to you. That is why we have prepared these highlights on the best gear a goalkeeper must be in at all times.


The hands of a person are precious, and we need them every day. Apparently, the goalkeeper is the only soccer team member allowed to touch the ball with hands during a match. They will use the hands to block and hold the ball once it is kicked their way. So, they will need the most durable goalkeeper gloves that allow flexibility of the hands while protecting them at the same time. Goalkeeper’s gloves also have a special grip to avoid easy slipping of the ball once they get hold of it. Additionally, they need to be firmly fit in the hands as lose or tight ones will have more disadvantages.



When we mention a helmet, people think of the heavy, and hardshell stuff won by bike riders. No. A goalkeeper’s helmet is special and light. Most of them are made of high-quality leather which is padded lightly to keep it small and light. The good thing is that such a helmet covers the crucial parts of the head and will perfectly perform its duties of protection. It is paramount that goalkeepers research before they buy a helmet to see the ones that have more functionality and benefits to them.

Soccer Cleats

Probably, some people think that a goalkeeper will not need studded cleats. They do need them just like the other soccer players. Although they will not be running up and down the pitch, they also require that grip as they guard the goal. Their soccer cleats should be well fitting, light and reliable to avoid any mishaps when they are needed most. As a goalkeeper, you will need to select the shoes well and avoid wearing new ones during a new match. They need to be tested during practice matches and ensure they are comfortable and does not injure your feet.

Soccer Clothes

Any soccer player will confirm to you that soccer clothes are special. They are made of absorbent material to keep the players dry as they sweat a lot during the 90 minutes of the match. Goalkeepers also need to have well fitting shorts and shirt. Probably, a long-sleeved shirt will be a better option to protect their hands from injuries. They also require long football socks to keep their knees well protected at all times.



A goalkeeper is one of the most crucial people in a soccer team. The team cannot afford to play without one. Their safety, comfort and convenience through the right gear will determine their efficiency. With the above tips, then they should count themselves ready for any match.


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